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Aintree Sanitiser Liverpool

Now 70% alcohol

Hand sanitiser in Liverpool is something everyone should be able to get at a reasonable price. In light of the recent COVID19 out break sparking shortages in PPE, the team at Aintree Gin has transformed its distillery into producing reasonable priced hand sanitiser. Using our distilling equipment we can produce high quality alcohol hand sanitiser. Over priced sanitiser hand gel was the driving force for us to make this happen. With shortages across the UK we decided to do our bit. Our team has now grown substantially including a number of volunteers from a variety of back grounds. Including engineering, automotive, beauty etc…

Aintree sanitiser Liverpool

We have so far donated PPE including masks, face shields and equivalent to over 5000 x 50ml bottle refills to Care homes, care workers, emergency services and NHS hospitals. We would like to thank everyone who has purchased from Aintree Gin as you have helped us to give more and keep up with this demand.

Aintree Gin have also installed Aintree Sanitiser dispensers at Asda superstore based in near Switch Island, Liverpool. The dispensers are for NHS and Key workers to fill up for free during shopping trips. The Aintree store alone has now refilled equivalent to over 1000 x 50ml bottles within 3 weeks.

Aintree Sanitiser

Aintree Gin

Aintree Gin is a craft organic gin brand based in Aintree, Liverpool. Vegan friendly organic gin that is truly a creation of Merseyside’s heritage. Our master distiller continues to build on 3 generations of forebears who were distilling in Hill Street, Toxteth from 1809. The unique recipe contains 15 botanicals creating a rich and complex gin with peppery spice notes and a smooth sweetness from the herbs. read more….

Aintree Gin Kiwi
kiwi gin

Aintree Gin Wild Apple
Wild Apple
Aintree Gin Grape Fruit
Aintree Gin London Dry
London Dry


After deciding we could deliver maximum Impact …….read more….

Aintree sanitiser Team

Profits Free PPE 

All profits go to supplying emergency donations to NHS and care workers.

We also have a list of care homes, social workers, NHS workers and emergency services who will receive regular donations from your kind purchases.

24 Hour Emergency PPE supplies.

We now keep supplies and a delivery van available 24 hours a day in case of emergencies for emergency services, care workers or NHS.

Our emergency PPE stock including N95 rates face masks and shields.

This can be delivered to the front line within one hour any where in Liverpool or surrounding areas.

Our Promise

We will keep our promise to only sell our sanitiser at reasonable prices!

We offer a price match on your current or past suppliers (before the COVID19 pandemic).

All profits will be donated back into more sanitiser donations to our NHS staff and carers.

Organic – Vegan Friendly products

100% organic and vegan friendly, made with NO animal related ingredients. Aintree Gin pride themselves on being an organic business. We are passionate about creating an environmentally friendly and organic product range without compromising quality.

The Aintree Gin brand promises to deliver the highest quality products. 

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